Our Strength Training Programs use resistance to build strength, anaerobic endurance, and muscle condition as well as size. We emphasize the proper training techniques to prevent injury. There are many different methods of strength training. At Dream Bodies, you will learn a variety of strength training techniques including free weights, machines, bands, and functional training. This type of training will be incorporated in all programs because strength training is a critical component of all Dream Body goals including weight loss, muscle building, and body toning.


FIT CAMPS- at the parks, at your organization or your job. I come to you!

Dream Bodies Fit Camp is an amazing four week program designed to kick your bodies' fat burning potential into high gear!  This is a high intensity series of classes that challenge you physically while building your mental strength and jump starting your Dream Body Quest.  Fit Camp members will participate in Functional Training, Weight Training, Plyometrics, Aerobic Exercises, Anaerobic Exercises and Kettlebells.  You will also experience  some of the services that the military at Guantanamo Bay Cuba participated in.  The camp is fun and challenging but don't be intimidated, you can slow down to your own pace.  Not everyone is at the same level of fitness, so a gradual increase of intensity is added with each session making it more challenging than the last.  The confidence, energy, stamina, and decreased body fat that you will have after the camp will motivate you to continue your Quest. 


Our Body Building, Physique, Bikini and Figure preparation is our most intensive program geared specifically for competitors.  We combine all training styles as well a personalized eating regimen designed to get your body to its greatest muscular and lean condition. Training for this will be 5-6 days per week depending on the level of condition you are in and how far you need to go in order to step on stage and win!
Dream Bodies, also promotes two Pro Qualifying and Pro/Am NATURAL DRUG TESTED events a year; the Toledo Glass Scepter in the spring and the Deam Bodies Classic in the fall. Check out the Contest Info link for more competition information, official entry forms, and the gallery for past contest photos.